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CAC de Malaga March 2015

Enric Balanzá, Charris, Juan Cuéllar, Dis Berlin, Damian Flores, Jose Vte. Martin, Joël Mestre, Manuel Sáez , Gonzalo Sicre, Chema Cobo, Luis Gordillo, Ruben Guerrero, Miki Leal and Gloria Martin Montalbo among 200 selected artists.

The exhibition curated by Fernando Francés is a melting pot of art and current trends of the twentieth century, with a nod to the new trends, such as urban art. Spanish artists enshrined, along with other emerging, share space in a unique and varied selection of works. Besides painting, some of them have gone beyond the physical limits of the canvas, resulting in sculptures, while others have made small installations. This exhibition has been coordinated in parallel with the project Imago Mundi Foundation Luciano Benetton, who hopes to travel 80 countries worldwide.


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