The main objectives of OFP are to document, research and disseminate knowledge to promote the work of the AUTHORS linked to the phenomenon of post-conceptual Figuration from the independence, autonomy and critical ability of their managers.


To meet these objectives, several lines of work have been launched.




— Create an on-line data base of texts, articles, essays and reviews.

— Perform a chronological record of the activities related to post-conceptual Figuration from its emergence in the early 1970s.

— Scan publications and catalogs in order to create a virtual library.



— Generate new documentary SOURCES.

— Produce and perform audiovisual documents with the aim of documenting the key to this phenomenon through interviews and meetings with artists, critics, historians and researchers.

— Promote research and publish the results through scientific publications in digital format.



— Create a VIRTUAL MUSEUM and temporary rooms.

— Design and develop own collection of works in virtual format.

— Produce on-line digital exhibitions.



— Provide online SERVICES for artists , galleries , museums , foundations, researchers, collectors and the public interested in the phenomenon.