This section offers a selection of program exhibitions related to the phenomenon of post-conceptual Figuration, accompanied by a data sheet and a selection of works presented and the participating artists, accessible via an alphabetical search. The addition of new contents will be on-going.


Aire de familia (Air of family)

Madrid 2013



Title: Aire de familia (Air of family)

Space: Galería My Name´s Lolita Art

Dates: January-march 2013

Curator(s): Paco de la Torre

Artistas: Dis Berlin, Chema Cobo, Juan Cuéllar, Paco de la Torre, Damián Flores, María Gómez, Elena Goñi, Fernando Martín Godoy, Ángel Mateo Charris, Joël Mestre, José Miguel Pereñíguez, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Antonio Rojas and Teresa Tomás




catalog of the exhibition


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